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Why Us


Design is a collaborative process with our clients. We take the time to listen and advise, to gather information, and maintain a dialogue with you throughout the process.


We offer some of the very latest photo-rendering and 3D modeling tools to visualize the space as thoroughly as possible in communicating the design to you.


We are educated in horticulture and landscape architectural related fields, and maintain an active continuing-education program through various professional associations.

What Can We Do

Contemporary Garden Design

The brief for this garden was to create an ‘outdoor living room’. We designed the high rendered wall for privacy and created a central decking area to denote the seating.

Traditional Garden Design

The layers of immediate patio are built on top of each other quite a few times over the years. The finished results turn the landscape into an area of real diversity.

Adorable Flowers To Grow


Depending on the variety, camellias can bloom year-round. The dramatic blossoms come in shades of red, white, pink, and even yellow.


Their different hues have varying meanings: Red signifies admiration, purple is for capriciousness, and white means good luck.


It varies depending on the variety, but usually they bloom in late summer. Chrysanthemums can also bloom in the fall, in hues of deep orange.

About us

Kya Haney Landscape Designer
Our specialists have a real understanding of how to provide individual spaces tailored to the needs of clients. Here, at Seyon Landscape Design Studio, you will find a broad selection of garden schemes, ranging from urban motives and up to classic cottage garden solutions.

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